EL SANTOS PRESCHOOL is a real dream come true for us. Our organization was born out of passion to deliver high quality education to our young children.

FOURTEEN years since, EL SANTOS PRESCHOOL has seen exponential growth in terms of numbers, curriculum, infrastructure and resources. Now under the ever expanding umbrella of ‘Promised Land Foundation‘, an organization dedicated to provide excellence in education and childcare, we endeavour to better ourselves every passing year.

Children learn ALL the time. What they learn is determined by the environment and the guidance they receive. It’s our responsibility to give them our best. Dear parents, join us to give our children an opportunity to truly express themselves boundlessly.  

At EL SANTOS we have developed a culture that is unique and the experience here is transcendental. Our environment is non-traditional, very friendly and constructive. Our culture has lots of love for our children, lots of care and a clear focus on imparting the best foundation for their future. EL SANTOS is an experience that can be matched by none other.

Our Vision

It is our calling and we endeavour to create a lifelong love for learning in our young children, through a progressive educational program in a safe and healthy environment; creating resourceful thinkers, inspired learners, effective communicators; whilst nurturing soaring self-esteem, and responsible human beings, ‘Creating Beautiful Minds’.

Why El Santos


Nobody knows preschool education better than we do. Our experience in  early childhood education and constant research about the emerging pedagogies helps us better what we do, and stay ahead.


At El Santos, learning is led by children; in circle times, lively class discussions, roleplays, pretend plays, art, and games; all of which lead to an enriching learning experience. Our teachers remain facilitators to maximize the learning.


Study suggests that humans possess about 8 intelligences in varying degrees. We believe in guiding our children find their own interests and nurture their talents with personalised teaching patterns.

Our Mission

We envision a future where EL Santos is not only known for its excellence in its early learning program, but is also recognized by both parents and children as the extraordinary foundation that made the difference.

“This is one of the best school On hennur road. Individual attention is given to the each child as parent teacher ratio is good. Curriculum helps child’s overall development. Syllabus is thought in fun way. I would highly recommend this school...”

Adithi Bhat