About Us

EL SANTOS PRESCHOOL is step towards creating a truly creative and holistic education. Our focus has always been on quality and excellence in education. We have been in the preschool education field for the past 9 years, and we has seen a sea-change in the way we think and plan our future. Our constant research about how children learn and what our society needs by way of preschool education, has inspired us to create a more holistic education model.

Children learn all the time. What they learn is determined by the environment and the guidance they receive. It is our responsibility to give them our best. Dear parents, join us to give our children an opportunity to truly express themselves boundlessly.  

At EL SANTOS we have developed a culture that is unique and the experience here is like none other. Our environment is non-traditional, very friendly and constructive. Our culture has lots of love for our children, lots of care and a clear focus on imparting the best foundation for their future. EL SANTOS is an experience that can be matched by none other.