Awesome Parenting

 Becoming a Parent is a profound and unique experience. There is nothing as beautiful, nothing that will stretch you so far beyond anything you previously imagined. It is remarkably challenging, vet uniquely rewarding at the same time. Other life experiences may bring you joy or fulfilment, or encourage you to grow, but none are on the same scale as becoming a Parent.

Just when you are enjoying the awesome and unique feeling, you realize that your maternity leave is coming to an end. The thought of waking up at 6 a.m. and racing off to a job after being up all night with a crying baby seems impossible. And then there's the guilt: How can you spend so much time away from your baby? For mothers who need to get back to work it is one of the toughest decisions.

Some tips to help you prepare

  • Get into a schedule or routine a week before you start work. Set your alarms early! It will be tough but the routine will help
  • Mothers suffer from exhaustion and lack of sleep; do not try to do everything by yourself. Do not feel guilty about asking for help and allow you husband or a relative pitch in and catch up on that sleep whenever possible.
  • Get into a support group of new mothers. Whenever you feel that thing are going beyond control or guilty for not giving enough time for your baby call or chat with another mommy and you’ll be surprised that things are not so bad after all.
  • Keep it together, understand that this routine of work and baby will take time getting used to. Give yourself time, there will be bad days at home and work. But always think of the bigger picture, if thousands of women around the world can do it, so can you.
  • Breast feeding you baby after you start work – If you're planning to continue nursing, you'll need to get the pumping routine down well before your return to work.

Start pumping and freezing the milk a month before you're due back on the job. You'll get in the habit of pumping and build up an emergency supply. Letting someone else bottle-feed your baby will also help.

  • Choose a good baby care centre – there are so many centres, that claim many things, do not get swayed by what they say, look and decide for yourself.

El Santos Childcare Program

•    Clean, safe, and healthy indoor and outdoor spaces.
•    Safety features such as gates on stairs, safe electrical outlets, and locked cabinets for medicine and cleaning products.
•    A variety of toys and learning materials, such as books, puzzles, blocks, and climbing equipment that your child will find interesting.
•    A low child to caregiver ratio
•    An environment that is friendly and inviting  
•    A functional kitchen that supplies hot, hygienic, and nutritious food


El Santos Preschool and Childcare’s Daycare set up not only cares and watches over your children, but also has lots of love and affection for them.

It's dedicated and loving management and staff are ones who hugs, rocks, cuddle, seek eye contact and enjoy the company of children. We are who respond to the child's smiles and emerging skills and interests, who find ways to improve upon the child's play and activities to help them learn new skills. We are ones who talk to the baby about what they do and see, playful partners who introduce new ideas, objects and games, who support the children in building relationships with other children and adults.