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The El Santos Preschool curriculum is an integrated program designed around several guiding principles developed by Maria Montessori, Bloom’s revised taxonomy, NLP and Reggio Amelia’s approach to early education.

We focus on the two important principles – the absorbent mind and the sensitive periods. The absorbent mind, which lasts from birth to about six years of age, refers to the child’s unconscious learning, or the ability to learn effortlessly through interaction with the environment. The child’s acquisition of oral language is a good example of how the absorbent mind works.

Our classrooms are spacious, esthetically beautiful and appropriately designed to provide children with every opportunity to learn and grow emotionally, physically, socially and cognitively.

Our curriculum is versatile, both age appropriate and individually adaptable. It is constantly evolving based on a constant research of how children learn and emerging new pedagogies.

We strive to enable our children to be critical thinkers, fantastic communicators, to be organized, be good leaders, to have self-presence as well as global awareness. All this without compromising fundamental values and upholding social responsibility.

Age 2-3 years


 This is the perfect time for your child to start school. We at El Santos would be exploring all your child’s talents along with them. We will create the right environments and activities for them to explore and learn using all their senses. Meet us to learn more about our programs.

Age 3-4 years


The world begins to open up for 3 to 4 year olds as their senses are in a constant state of development. They are super curious and are constantly learning new things.  Language, math, science and social skills are introduced by way of various activities to facilitate their learning. Every child is unique in the way they learn and need individual attention to evaluate and personalize the activities presented. Meet us to learn more about our programs.

Age 4-6 years


This is a more organised environment. The children are introduced to a more structured classroom. Our dedicated and passionate teachers make it special for our children. Through the kindergarten years, the children undergo a transition, as they discover their creativity and build on their confidence. We work with the children providing them every opportunity to express themselves in the best way possible and create a love for learning which should last a lifetime. Meet us to learn more about our programs.

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