El Santos Childcare

We at El Santos provide the best possible care, and with a warm, clean and child friendly environment, we believe it will not take long for your child to get settled. Parents play an important role in helping your children get through the settling down period as soon as possible. We must understand that it is common for children to cry and show anxiety over separation, but the best way to handle it is by being firm and leaving the premises promptly after dropping off your child. However we will observe every child closely and learn the nature of the child which will help us give the best care possible.

El Santos Childcare has

  • Clean, safe, and healthy indoor and outdoor spaces
  • A low child to caregiver ratio
  • CCTV surveillance all the time to monitor the caregivers and the children
  • A functional kitchen that supplies hot and healthy food
  • A whole range of toys, learning materials, books, puzzles, blocks, and climbing equipment that will keep your child interested and engaged all the time.

El Santos loving and Responsive  childcare setup – One who hugs, rocks, cuddles, seeks eye contact, who responds to the child’s's smiles and emerging skills and interests, who finds ways to improve upon children's play to help them learn new skills, who is sociable and interested in children. One who talks to the baby about what they do and see, a playful partner who introduces new ideas, objects and games, who supports children in building relationships with other children and adults. El Santos Childcare is the place to be for your child.