Learning without Bounds

Our country is on the verge of an educational revolution. More and more parents are realizing that there needs to be a dramatic change in how schools operate and impart education to today’s children. An examination centred education system is fast becoming obsolete. Children need to be equipped with skills to readily adapt to our ever changing world. Education must strive to make children critical thinkers, problem solvers, fantastic communicators, to be able to multi task, be organised, be good co coordinators, have a great self presence as well as global awareness. All this without compromising ethics and fundamental values and upholding social responsibility!

The future looms large and uncertain; we need to start today to prepare our children and at El Santos Elite, our environment and education does just that. The world is open and beautiful; there is so much to learn when we are not bound by pressures and boundaries.

Pressure of exams, pressure of failure, pressure of winning, bound by classrooms, by books, by syllabuses. When we remove these shackles, we will see how the real learning unfolds, thus equipping our children with all that they need to step confidently into a bound less future.