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            Our programs are carefully designed to give the best to our children. Our children are at the best stage of their learning abilities. At EL SANTOS we believe in presenting our children with innumerable opportunities and infinite possibilities to learn and develop their knowledge and skills.

Our curriculum is researched and designed by alumni of Harvard, Cambridge, IIM, and IIT, the team of 250+ professionals consists of former principals, education experts and child psychologists with strong competencies in curriculum design, professional development and assessment. It is well researched and designed with a more holistic approach which will present our children innumerable opportunities to learn and develop socially, emotionally physically and creatively.

Apart from the core skills of motor development, cognitive skills, language development, social and emotional development, and math Skills, our children will also learn self-discipline, to recognize and recreate patterns, handle complex situations that promote higher order of thinking skills, to plan ahead, think about consequences of their actions, to have empathy for others, to be alert and sustain concentration, develop a sense of initiative, and much more.

           Our preschool’s early learning programs along with our environment, gives our children a lot of freedom, and encourage exploration of the world around them, while carefully guiding them towards a more structured classroom and learning experiences ahead. Our After-school enrichment programs will add tremendous value to their regular school education programs. It is designed for children between the age group of 4 to 12. We focus on core skills of language and maths and present our children with new challenges as they grow older and help them get independent.

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