The school has helped Levi immensely with his social skills and self confidence. We have appreciated the staff’s personal attention and affection for Levi.  We have been impressed with the pace and ease with which Levi has picked up his writing and pronunciation.

– Mrs. Ava John


We are thankful to El Santos staff for their efforts in taking good care of our daughter Rachel. We have observed consistent growth in her. She is now more confident, expressive and communicative. We appreciate El Santos Preschool management and are willing to admit our second daughter Jasmine in pre-nursery this year.

– Mr & Mrs. Jayant Singh


Rohan has got a good foundation at El Santos Preschool in his studies. We feel each child at school is given equal attention which has helped the child a lot in improving his learning abilities. The atmosphere at school has given a vey comfortable and family like feel to the child. Thanking all of you at El Santos Preschool family to have successfully helped in every child’s development. All the best for the years to come.

– Mrs. Kanchna


We have made the right choice and feel privileged that our children are part of El Santos Preschool. We express our utmost satisfaction in the development and performance of our children. We are sure and confident that when they pass of El Santos Preschool after their kindergarten classes, a strong foundation of holistic development will be instilled in them. Congrats to the team of ‘El Santos’.

– Mr & Mrs. Calistus Jude


My daughter Likivi is improving in many ways. Love and care is very important at this developing stage of a child. Thanks to El Santos Preschool family.                   

– Mr & Mrs. Ahoto Chophi


We deeply appreciate the ways in which El Santos Preschool has contributed towards the growth of my daughter in all dimensions. We gladly chose El Santos Preschool because of the kind of love and care they share and give to every Kid. To be precise, you have knowledge, skills, and not the least deep commitment. Thank you everyone! 

– Mr. Alo