Why El Santos Preschool

This is how El Santos Preschool does it…


At El Santos Preschool, learning is led by children, in circle times, lively discussions, role plays, pretend plays, art, all of which lead to an enriching learning experience. Our teachers would be facilitators, guiding the activities to help maximize the learning.


Nurturing Multiple Intelligence – all human being possess about 8 intelligences in varying degrees. Drawing a picture, composing or listening to music, watching a performance these can be vital door to learning. Studies show that children who perform poorly on traditional tests are tuned on to learning when class room experience incorporate artistic, athletic and musical activities. All children have different intelligence compositions, and we believe we should nurture the MI’s of our children which will do wonders to the way they learn. Our children will be able to demonstrate their strengths and motivate themselves to be a specialists.

Our facilitators tailor learning experiences based on the individual needs of students, the characteristics of these learners, and as well as the types of activities in which they best thrive. Our facilitators will also assign activities by matching assignments to readiness levels, offering appropriate intervention or extension activities as required. Offering choices is an excellent motivator for children. Small-group work is one of the most effective ways to meet the needs of diverse learners. 


As compared to the traditional teaching of subjects in isolation, we at El Santos inculcate multiple subjects simultaneously to help students go much deeper in learning concepts and skills. Blending math, science, or language content with stories or singing activities, facilitates wider thinking and more involvement. These methods work well because teachers don’t simply tell students what they should know, but instead they engage children in exploring and uncovering the information in a more meaningful way.